Friday, August 3, 2012

Let’s Talk About Food

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When we talk about food, Singaporeans are never too far away. Having travelled to a few different countries these past few years, there is no where close to home in terms of variety of food.

When it comes to showcasing a wide array of F&B outlets, Singapore has to be ranked up there in the top 3. We are practically a nation that eats throughout the entire 24 hours available.

Thanks to omy once again, I was invited to a Food Fest at 313@Somerset. This is a month-long celebration of food, entertainment and shopping from Jul 27 – Aug 31 at Discovery Walk, Level 1.

The Discovery Walk is an unique precinct directly linking 313@Somerset to the Orchard Road strip, offering an enviable clustering of restaurants and lounges. This stretch offers a cosy, al-fresco ambience and sanctuary for diners to relax, enjoy the variety of food, drinks and performance during this period.

In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, some retailers such as Paradise Inn, Charlie Brown Cafe, Blue Mountain Cafe, Honeymoon Dessert, and Food Republic are also offering exclusive dining privileges, along with a 313 Dining Wallet, which diners can purchase at $19 and received dining vouchers worth over $40 from selected F&B merchants.


In addition, diners who spend $150 on weekdays (max 3 receipts with one receipt from an F&B outlet) will be entitled to 313’s Spend-and-Spin and stand to walk away with the grand prize of the new iPad worth $958.


So about 20 bloggers were assembled to try out the fabulous food at 313@Somerset.


Once the briefing was done, we are off to savour all the food. Our mission was to conquer 5 different stations, starting from the Food Hall @ B3.

Japanese food @ Umi Sushi. Coupled it with their speciality salad topped with vinegar & sesame oil sauce. Ichiban!



If you are a fan of pork floss, then this will be a winner for you. Pork floss in pancake. A cheap and filling meal.


My personal recommendation at Level B3 – The Flyin’ Bread. The wrap although was cold but surprisingly nice. I think it’s the sauce which is slightly spicy and that just worked for me.


Special guest special privileges, we got a special treat with all the different meat available from The Flyin’ Bread’s owner Super shiok!


Up for some Chinese food? Then you should not miss the Paradise Inn. This is the 2nd time I ate in this restaurant, previously we tried some of their special dishes like Double Boiled Soup, Shrimp Paste Chicken & Hot Plate Tofu. This time we had the chance to try some of the local delights like Chinese Sausage Fried Rice, Seafood Vermicelli & Stir-fried Beef Kway Teow.




Next, we headed up to Level 1, to the “Walking Street” stretch.  The ambience was just relaxing and cool. Soft music drifting from the various cafes and restaurants. Some of them like Malones even offered Pizza, Beer and TV. Perfect to hang out with a group of friends after a tiring working day.


We stopped at Charlie Brown Cafe. This is definitely the place to bring my girls in future. They will surely love the “Charlie Wings”.


The staff were so nice to bring out something special for us. Sparkling drinks.



Still hungry after all the recommended food? Then head up to Level 5, you will be treated to all you can eat @ Food Republic.


Olive Rice & Chicken Spaghetti.


My verdict:

313@Somerset has exceeded my expectations. The food has been relatively good, but I am totally bought over by the ambience along the Discovery Walk.

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