Friday, August 10, 2012

Sibling Pressure

Another small advantage of having more than 1 child. Positive pressure from siblings can push one another towards limits they would never accomplish on their own.

I’m talking about Joey’s reluctance for ear piercing. Since she has started to understand what it means to look pretty, we have tried to coax her to try wearing earrings. But Joey’s fear of the pain overcame the prospect of wearing even “butterfly” or “princess” earrings.

Not until… her younger sister first did it in May, after that she has been nagging us to bring her too.

Jayne’s happy face after she did her ear piercing in May.


Last week, Joey finally had her chance. Can almost sense her anxiety while sitting on the cold white chair. The courage humans have facing beauty vs pain. Amazing!


The dots are done and the antiseptic applied.


The process was like before, swift and straightforward. 2 shop assistants each held a piercing equipment to one ear and punched in at the count of 3. Can you see the slight “ouch” after the pierce was done?


We were proved right, Joey does has “thinner skin”, the tears flowed just after 2 seconds. My mother who was besides her nearly teared too seeing her beloved grandchild crying in pain. Ouch!


Well, it’s all over. Now both my girls are proud and happy to be wearing their earrings and definitely looking forward to be shopping for some “princess” earrings.


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