Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

It was our first time visiting the super huge garden. At the point of writing this post, we have already decided we are going back again this weekend.


We didn’t purchase the tickets for the Conservatories, cos the queue was incredibly long, probably because it was a weekend, just after National Day. But if you wish to check out the hours and admission rates, just click here.

Even just walking around the outside perimeter which is FOC, we had a good glimpse of the beauty and space available for future picnics or group gatherings with friends.

The famous Supertree Grove – standing in awe at between 25-50 metres tall, these supertrees are made of four parts: reinforcement concrete core, truck, planting panels of the living skin and canopy. They stand to provide shade in the day and come alive with display of light and sound at night.


The planting panels of living skin.


Joey and Jayne demonstrating by action how tall and wide the Supertree is. Tried to coordinate a shot with both of them jumping at the same time, but Jayne is usually slower as shown in the photo.


Outside the Conservatories, the huge waiting area is packed with visitors and some unique art pieces. It seems like Singapore is really moving towards a nation that is cultivating more art sense, everywhere we go recently we can see such art pieces in display.




Every time we bring the girls out, what really matters is the girls having fun and a time of outdoor activity. They mostly spent their weekdays at home, so only on weekends they can be free and run around, sweat and have fun.

Took this photo with my camera at my hip. More a lucky shot but still quite clear. Love their smiles!


A trip to Gardens by the Bay is incomplete if I don’t show you some of the shots I took from the surroundings.







Looking forward to the next visit (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest), maybe with more photos to show you.

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