Friday, August 17, 2012

Islamic Restaurant @ North Bridge Road

Humans are a species of habits. We tend to frequent places we like or feel comfortable of. And we will usually eat the same food for years. Even when the shop has shifted, we will search for it and re-visit it again and again.

For Kless and I, this particular restaurant along North Bridge Road is our favourite place for Biryani.


Based on the photos of the celebrities on the walls, I think we can safely say it’s quite a famous shop.



If you have never been to this restaurant before, then you have to try their Biryani. My personal favourite is the Fried Chicken Biryani. Don’t be deceived by the portion of the biryani, it’s actually quite filling.


I would love to recommend a special and delicious side dish – fried potato, but it was already sold out when we there. It’s boiled potatoes, skin removed and slightly fried with herbs and oil, trust me on this, it’s definitely a winner!

At least I can recommend their Nann. It’s very soft and tasty, you can choose your choice of curry (vege, chicken or fish).


Finish off the lunch with a cold glass of bandung drink.


Opening Hours
Daily from 10am – 10pm
(take note that on Fridays, they will be closed from 1-2pm for prayers)

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