Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inline Skating by Skate Mode - Mini Series 3

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Skate Mode is a privately run school for inline skating. They started off in the East teaching children how to inline skate. After a few months, they moved their operations to the West (near Jalan Jurong Kechil) as there was a higher demand for such services there. Skate Mode has regular weekly lessons at their current location and have shared their passion for inline skating with more than 60 children from ages 4-13 years old.

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Day 4
Joey & Cheryl continued from yesterday and practiced more on their Swizzle before progressing to Scooter Turn. Jayne, Sophie & Zoe also practiced their V Walk and Ready Roll to perfection. They ended with learning the Heel Stop.

Before the last lesson, we took a group photo of the girls with their coaches.


Claire, Gary and Kless joined in to make up the entire team for this Yishun Park workshop.


Jayne with Coach Angela.


I like this stance, hands on their tummy to maintain balance, cos it looks like a praying pose. Maybe Joey is really praying that she will do well.


Coach Saffy explaining the difference between V Walk and Scooter Turn.


It took a while for Joey to understand the stance and eventually got the right pose.

DSC_1297 DSC_1299

Joey’s report progress
Completed (5 stars) for V Walk, Ready Roll and Heel Stop. Performed (2 stars) for Swizzle and Scooter Turn. Joey started very well on the first 2 days, but on the last 2 days, she lost a bit of interest and the progress slowed down. Maybe she was a bit tired but nonetheless, she managed to learn the very basic of inline skating.

Papa’s report: Super proud of you!
star star star star star

What about Jayne? She stood strong, she bended firmly, and she fell gracefully.

DSC_1186 DSC_1287 DSC_1185

Coach Angela finally puts on her skates and showed us her skills. Woohoo!

DSC_1181 DSC_1183

Even with her skates on, she is still able to catch hold of three falling kids.


This is how the girls learnt about Heel Stop. Looks like dancing right?



What do the girls play with when they are not skating?


After 4 days of playing and learning together, what is more precious is the friendship fostered. Sweet!


Jayne’s report progress
Completed (5 stars) for V Walk and Ready Roll. Performed (1 star) for Heel Stop. Jayne showed tremendous endurance for a 4 years old, and went through the 4 days’ strenuous training. She is definitely able to do better with more lessons in future.

Papa’s report: Super proud of you too!
star star star star star

One last photo to celebrate the completion of this holiday camp.


Skate Mode specialize in teaching children from ages 4 and above.
Standard Fees: $100 for 4 lessons
Each session is 2 hours
Call Angela @ 96704537  or email to for more information.
Facebook Page: Skate Mode

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