Monday, June 24, 2013

Haze - What Did I Learn?

Let me bring to you 3 things I have learnt during this current haze situation.

1. Learnt to spend more quality time with my girls at home.

Usually parents like myself would be busy looking out for different playgrounds or attractions to bring our kids out for some fun, but with the haze situation, going out is not a viable option (I know the indoor playgrounds are super-packed), it forces me to think of activities at home to entertain the kids. And this is not easy at all!

Let the girls read. Thankfully, reading is a habit both Joey and I enjoy a lot. It’s so nice to just sit with her and do our reading together. Occasionally, she will compare how fast we read though. Very competitive!


Let the girls explain who are the princesses. This is what I learnt from Jayne, the plastic girls are all different even though they all look similar to me.
From L-R: Princess Pop Star, Barbie in the Pink Shoe, Princess, Princess Ariel.
If you have boys, then maybe it would be trains, star wars, etc. Just learnt to differentiate and let the kids teach you.


2. Learnt more about NEA.

Many of us until now are still quite bewildered why NEA is providing a 3-hr average PSI reading on an hourly update. Why can’t it just be an hourly update? More straightforward right? Now we get to see the 24 hour PSI reading on an hourly update too.

PSI – Pollutant Standards Index, it provides a uniform system of measuring pollution level for the major air pollutants. It reports as a number ranging from 0-500 and is the air quality indicator.

Presently, the highest 3-hr PSI reading on record in Singapore is 401 on 21 June 2013 at 12pm. On the scale, this is Hazardous!

The National Environment Agency (NEA) was formed in the year 2002, it is the leading public organization responsible for improving initiatives and sustaining a clean and green environment in Singapore. In regards to the recent haze situation, NEA’s responsibilities were to control air pollution, and regulates hazardous substances through prevention, enforcement and monitoring.

In my honest opinion, NEA only fulfilled the role of monitoring and updating the public on the haze situation. Since this haze issue is not a new thing, then maybe NEA could have done some prevention by preparing the public on what to do before it happens. Like stocking up of face masks, what to do if someone inhales too much haze and causes discomfort like coughing, eye-irritation, throat irritation, etc. To be fair, maybe all these have been posted on their website, but a public reminder would be good when that time or season will begin.

3. Learnt that Singaporeans is a group of creative & humorous people.

A friend of mine wrote this Haze Song to liven up the situation.

Jokes on the net:

“Since Singaporeans are constantly complaining that cigarettes are way too expensive. Mother Nature is letting you guys smoke for free now.”

“Korea has PSY. Singapore has PSI.”

“Now the Indonesia maid next door says the haze is making her feel homesick.”

So, how to fight the haze? Buy your mask, stay indoors and be humorous about it all!


  1. This whole haze episode has been very humbling for me. And it sure gave us more opportunities to bond with the family too. Glad it's all clearing up :)

    1. Ya, I agree.. With this natural intervention, it reminded many of us what is the more important things in life.. =)

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