Friday, June 21, 2013

Norton 360 Multi-Device

Product Review

It used to be only at work or at home that we will have access to the internet world. But now, just a touch on your smartphone device and everyone can have access to the multi-useful cyberworld of information and “cyber-trash”. By that I mean pornography, viruses, spyware and any other threats that may cause problems for you or the people we share our data with.

This is definitely a big concern for me as a father with 2 girls (age 4 & 7), I do not wish to see my kids access to unsuitable websites, or accidentally download software that could have viruses. But I am not with them all the time to ensure that would not happen, especially with some many devices at home, like iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android Smartphone, PC, etc.

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So when the opportunity arises for me to try the latest Norton 360 Multi-Device product by Symantec, I immediately jumped onboard for the drive. Norton 360 Multi-Device is a comprehensive security solution that is safer, simpler and faster. It allows me to protect up to FIVE devices seamlessly, providing security across Windows based on PCs, Macs, Android-based phones and tablets.

Some of its features include
(1) manage my family’s online security even when I’m not at home, via the cloud
(2) block dangerous websites that might expose my children to harmful and inappropriate content
(3) detect and prevent dangerous software that could share my family’s information with strangers

The latest Norton products are engineered to be safer, optimized for speed and performance, and simpler to use.

a) Social Networking Protection – new defenses protect consumers from attacks and scams on social networks, such as likejacking, malicious messages, posts and notices on social networks.
b) Scam Insight – anti-scam capabilities warn users of potentially risky sites that are new or do not have an established reputation within the
Norton user community, enabling users to keep personal information such as bank account or login data secure.
c) Enhanced Network Defenses – to keep consumers safe from constantly evolving web-based attacks, the latest releases features stronger networking defenses including a new intelligent firewall and broader uses of insight information, which now tracks IP address reputation in addition to file, URL and domain reputation.

a) Faster Startup & Shutdown – completely re-engineered to minimize startup and shutdown time.
b) Maximized Battery Power – reduced power consumption, resulting in extended battery life and faster response from system sleep and hibernate states.
c) More Efficient Support for Digital Media Files – designed to ensure digital media files, such as music, photos and videos are safe from attack, without impacting performance.

a) Touch-Screen Friendly – user interface is engineered for faster performance and optimized for touch screens.
b) Version-Less – with all product updates now downloaded in the background and installed automatically, consumers can rest assured they are safe from the latest threats without manually checking for updates.


The top portion is for the techy guys. Now this is for those who understands my type of English.

Joey is in P1 now and she has some computer lessons in school, thus she is slowly getting used to surfing the net and getting information, either for her work or for leisure. Prevention is better than cure. I’m not a techie person so I can only rely on software protection.


Norton is easy to install, thus the added willingness to use. The instructions are clear and easy for PC / Mac / Mobile Devices.

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Click on the Family icon on the right. You are able to lay down the house rules when the kids use the PC.

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Norton also allows you to check on websites and find out if it is safe. Glad to announce, J Babies’ Dad is OK (Safe).


J Babies’ Dad Giveaway
Don’t be amazed, cos you have a chance to own a set of this wonderful Norton 360 Multi-Device.


(deadline is Jun 28, Fri)
Easy steps to win a copy of Norton 360 Multi-Device
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  1. I want to safeguard my family with Norton!! =D

  2. Norton multi-platform is another great release by Symantec. It doesn't have the weird permissions like McAfee does. The software is easy to use. I have it installed on my work PC with Windows 7 and my laptop with Windows Vista.

    Silvester Norman

    Change Mac Address

  3. I want to safeguard my family (but mostly my 12 yo brother with not enough self-control on the computer hahah) with Norton!

    Btw i think the link to Norton facebook page is wrong! Might wanna correct it maybe? :)

  4. I want to safeguard my family with Norton.
    Thanks for recommending.