Monday, October 25, 2010

Moustaches are Bad Guys

I really enjoy going out with Joey. She is at that stage when she has her own set of thinking and understanding. Sometimes the things she mentions just are so funny and interesting.


We were watching a show on TV while waiting for the car maintenance to be done. In the show, the bad guy wears a moustache. And so goes the conversation…

Joey: The bad guy is the one with a moustache. He beats the good guy and has a gun on the side just like the police.
Me: So the police are bad guys too?
Joey: NO!! Police are good guys, there and God are good people. They protect us and kill the bad guys.
Me: Then who are the bad guys? Both them and the police have guns on their side?
Joey: The bad guys are the ones with moustache lo…
Me: Why?   
Joey: They have moustache so people cannot know them, it’s a costume. (I think she meant to say a disguise)

There goes my dream to ever keep a moustache. I definitely do not want to be a bad guy in my daughter’s eyes.


  1. Welcome to the Daddy Blogging world! :)

  2. wow! thanks! you are my inspiration leh.. =)

  3. bro, you need to make time for things you want to once a week for a start to start somewhere..