Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 By 2

In a typical Singapore family, 2 kids is the norm. That makes it 2-by-2 together with the parents. Each parent can carry one child and there is no need for a maid. If you have 3 children, a maid will be essential. But I will leave that (to have a maid) for another blog in future.

So currently we have 2 girls and both of them makes a good pair with either Kless or me.

Kless and Joey. The homely group. You will be surprised, even tho Joey is super active, but she usually likes to stay indoor to play her toys or just to draw. Totally like Kless who can stay home for the whole day and do nothing.


Me and Jayne. The outgoing group. Ask me to stay home with the kids for a day, I will surely go crazy. There is nothing to do indoor except to sleep and to surf net. I would rather go out for a walk or meet up with friends for a cup of coffee. Jayne will always pull me to the door and looks at me begging me to just bring her out for a walk. To see is to believe.


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