Friday, October 29, 2010

Turf City Singapore

The search for more child-friendly place continues…

I have heard of Turf City for the longest time, but somehow the idea of Turf City linking to horse-racing has kind of delayed my trip to this place. Maybe I am just being paranoia..

Trying to find new places to bring the girls out will always be a challenge. Singapore is too small and we have limited options. However, I think it still boils down to being creative and making some effort to find the interesting things on this small island.

On one of our regular Monday offs, I have decided to drive over to Turf City. It was actually very near to Joey’s favourite uncle, Uncle Tristan’s place.

There is a wide variety of F&B ranging from economically priced kopitiam stalls to small cafes to famous seafood restaurants. And over a hundred 2nd-hand car dealers, parallel importers and local agents (new car) under one roof.

But the most interesting shops are those that sells kids clothes and stuffs. Check out the pictures.






Saw this signboard but was not able to find the place. Maybe it’s closed. =(


I think we will be back again. Maybe to try out the seafood? Any feedbacks on that?

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