Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Name Says a Lot

Both our daughters have a very meaningful Chinese name.

Joey aka 以旋
The word 旋 is known as sound or music as in 旋律. We wanted our girl to grow up to be girl who is happy and to be filled with good music/sounds in her life. Music natures a person’s soul. And we are more than happy to know that indeed Joey is a very vocal and musically inclined girl. She likes to sing and can remember a lot of tunes after hearing it for 1-2 times. And of course, she is super vocal for a 4 years old girl. So much so we were wondering did we give her the wrong name =p
旋 also means another thing. To revolve, move in orbit. Just like how Earth revolves around the Sun. 以 is taken from 以马内利 (Emmanuel = God is with us). Putting together both Chinese character, we have the meaning of ‘revolving around God’. Isn’t that amazing?


Jayne aka 以心
心 means heart. Kless and I wanted the 2nd girl to be someone after God’s own heart, thus the word 心. But little did we know, Jayne captured more than just God’s heart, she practically captured everyone’s hearts. She is such a darling! Cute and witty =)
For people who have met her, you would know that she is a smiley baby. And her smile can really melt away any tiredness in us.
I think she really lives up to her name, having the ‘heart of God’, loving people and making people loves her back.


Beyond all the meaning a name can give. I truly believe as any father will hope for, my deepest and most desired outcome for my girls are for them to grow up healthy and be a loving and useful person in life.

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