Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

We’ve all heard about it. Most parents will go through this. Maybe even ourselves are victims of it. Both Kless and myself are the eldest in our family. We each have a younger brother.

Psychiatrists suggested that birth order leaves a life-long impression on one’s style of life, the way he/she deals with friendship, love and work. Of course other things that influence a person are parental attitude, gender, social, economic and religious situation. Other than the birth order, what can be considered for such syndrome are the spacing of years between the siblings, the total number of children, and the parents’ situation over time.

So much for the experts’ opinion…

The truth be told…after the first child, the excitement is definitely lessen with the second child. The first step, the first words, the other firsts, it seems a little less remarkable with the second child. This could be the main cause of second child syndrome. As a father of 2 girls, both of them are pretty close to me. Kless always comments that both girls are daddy’s girls. Which I think she is right in a way. Cos Mummy is always about eating, sleeping and bathing. But Daddy is more about fun and play. Of course I am not saying my wife is a dull and stern mother. Exactly opposite, I am the disciplinary figure at home. Maybe becos of that, the girls treasure the fun time with me more.


It’s a constant reminder that I must be fair to both kids. If I buy something for Jayne, I must remember to buy something for Joey too. However, I realised that buying things is just a very small part of being fair. If money can solve the problem, it would have been so much easier in parenting. The key is TIME! I need to share my time with both girls equally. There were days when I come home from work and I just felt like having a bath, watch TV and sleep. But…
Joey wants to show me all the drawings she has done for the day, the puzzles she has completed. Jayne wants me to carry her. And when Joey sees me carrying Jayne, she too wants me to carry her. So I have to carry both lor…


I don’t mean to complain, cos the moment I see how my girls are fighting to have my time with them, I just feel so blessed. They are the best gifts from heaven.

Fatherhood is never easy. Fatherhood is not a task. It’s a commitment and I am committed to both my girls! Papa loves you 2…



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