Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 Tips on Tackling Those Endless Questions

A short 4 years on Planet Earth, Joey has already mastered the skill of 长气. She can go non-stop asking questions on everything. Who says women talks a lot? Females in general talks a lot. Age is not the issue.

19 Nov 005

Found this useful article on DadsForLife website.

We have hope Fathers!

Here are some 3 tips that you can apply beginning today!

• Pay attention to your child’s questions. Do not dismiss them for example by saying “Stop asking so many questions!” or automatically respond “I don’t know!” Attending to your child’s questions tells them they are important to you. Remember that you are a role model of learning for your child. Instilling curiosity to discover and find out about new things reaps benefits for the future when your child starts formal schooling.

• Ask your child questions. From the time your child turns three, you can help her develop thinking skills by responding with a question like, “What do you think Susie? Do you think cars go faster than planes?” or “Look at the ant and the snail? Which one do you think is bigger?” instead of immediately answering your child. Likewise, when your child asks you, “Why?” ask her in turn for her own ideas before you answer. This helps you know how much information she needs. A simple response might be all that is needed.

• Demonstrate and show: experiential learning works well with many kids. Instead of just telling your child the answer, you can show him by comparing real objects to show that an apple is bigger than a strawberry or that by mixing blue and yellow, you get green. Kids remember much better through experiencing and doing.


“L” for Lor sor….


  1. LOL! What a swipe at Joey! L for lor sor? Hahaha... Good tips tho. I have a longwinded boy myself. The two of them should get together sometime. Hahaha...

  2. I can't imagine what will happen if the 2 of them are together...maybe they will be so confused by each other.. =)