Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Roots

Had a very interesting conversation with Joey. She is 4 years old now, speaks fluent English and Mandarin. Compared to most kids of her age, I think I can say she is doing pretty well.


But tonight I decided to communicate with her in Cantonese. The dialogue was funny =)

Me: Joey, do you want to eat rice? (remember all this is in Cantonese)
Joey: Huh? What are you talking about? (in English)
Me: Repeating myself again…
Joey: 你在说什么?(probably thinking I didn’t understand her the first time, hahaaa)
Me: 我在用广东话问你要不要吃饭。
Joey: 我不是广东人 hor…我不会听广东话。
Me: 你要学 lo..
Joey: 我们是 Chinese, 不是广东人。广东人不是 Chinese hor.
Me: Chinese 也是广东人。
Joey: Who tell you de?
Me: Speechless…..

I must really put in some effort to keep the roots in my family! We are CANTONESE!!!!



  1. wahahahahahaa...... u have a very very smart daughter!!! guess u wont be able to outtalk her! hhahahaha

  2. ya, i give up le..just trying to keep a good image least know 80% of her queries will be good enough..