Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CP Food - Cold Cuts (World Cup Special)

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What is more frustrating when you stay up this month to watch the World Cup? To witness the team you support lose the game or to be hungry at the weird hours like 3am or 5am? I think the answer is both. Well, we can’t do much about the teams winning or losing, leave it to “higher powers”. But, we can definitely do something to satisfy that hunger pang during the games!

Thanks to CP Foods (CP) who sent over the nicest late-night snacks to fight against the hunger pangs. With a whopping 10 newly-launched offerings, its wide range of cold cuts promises to deliver a hat trick of convenience and good taste.

When the package was delivered to the house, I was in the office and Joey was so excited she called me 3 times to ask if she can open up the bag and take a look. Our children were totally won ovver by CP products since the previous time when we bought some of its other products.




In the small bag was packed with all these goodies (times 2). We will be celebrating our favourite World Cup teams’ win with all these good food.


Just a teaser of what you can expect. Just 5mins in the oven or microwave, this is what you get. I tried the Chili Bologna, Smoked Chicken Frankurter and Pizza Cocktail.

Finger licking good!!!


Check the below photos for the packaging and pricing.

CP Jumbo Bologna (S$2.35)
Smooth and tasty ham made from fine selection of chicken meat.

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm

CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail (S$S2.35)
Bite-sized sausages that would be the perfect pairing with other food and snacks.

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm

CP Pizza Cocktail (S$2.35)
Juicy chicken sausages that are marinated with high quality Italian spices and mixed with cheddar cheese.

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm

CP Chili Bologna (S$2.20)
Tender chicken ham mixed with high quality spices and fresh chili peppers.

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm

CP Cheese Sausage (S$2.20)
Chicken sausage firmly stuffed with cheddar cheese that oozes out a rich and tangy goodness with every bite.

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm

CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter (S$2.20)
Appetizing chicken sausages that comes with great taste and a subtle smoky flavour.

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm

CP Chicken Vienna (S$2.20)
Full-flavoured of high quality chicken meat marinated in aromatic spices.

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm

CP Chicken Sandwich (S$2.20)
Savoury ham made from fresh chicken meat.

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm

CP Shoyu Sausage (S$3.60)
Chunky Japanese-style sausage marinated with traditional Japanese soy sauce Shoyu and smoked with real Beechwood for an authentic Japanese flavour.


CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage (S$3.60)
Chunky pork sausages seasoned with ginger and white pepper, smoked with real Beechwood for a rich and mouth-watering flavour.


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