Monday, June 23, 2014

Manhattan Junior Menu

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Manhattan Fish Market launches the new Manhattan Junior Menu which comes at S$7.95 and choice of Orange Juice, Coke, Sprite, or Lemon Tea.


The concept was to fuse fun with food. Designed to capture the kids’ imagination, these new food origami creations will give the young diners a fun-filled and tummy satisfying dining experience.


Before the main course, we were treated with some of the recommended starters. Probably we were all very hungry, the starters were finished in no time.

Fried Country Mushroom & Single Garlic Herb Mussels served with baguette.

DSC_1041 DSC_1043

Any restaurant that provides kids’ drawing materials and balloons are always a plus for parents like us. The girls can be entertained while waiting for the food and the parents can just sit back and enjoy our drinks.

DSC_1036 DSC_1090

Lemongrass Cooler – infused with natural flavors of lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera.
Citrus Mint – smoothie with fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Featuring six dishes specially handcrafted for the little ones, the Manhattan Junior Menu promises to be as tasty as it is healthy, giving the children the all-important brain food.

Wacky Dory
This dish features all the brain food that your kid will need with a generous fillet of freshly grilled dory fish, a serving of mashed potatoes, with a side of broccoli and carrots.


Crabby Fishy Burger
The burger comes with fried fish and cranberry coleslaw between fluffy oregano buns. Served with golden fries, Japanese cucumber and carrots.


Pirates Surf ‘N Turf
Swing onboard the little pirate ship with a crunchy galore of chicken nuggets, dory fish fillet and fried country mushrooms served with crispy golden fries.


Chicky Mac and Cheese
Features a savoury, mouth-watering combination of bite-sized fried chicken chunks with creamy macaroni and cheese, served with greens.



Octo-ghetti Attack
Served with ‘Octopus-cut’ sausages, this is a healthy option served with a side of broccoli and carrots.


With a layer of rich chocolate sandwiched between two fluffy soft pancakes and a blast of mini cheese sausages.


Look at how the children are eager for the food, waiting to be served.


Finally after the kids have all eaten, it’s the adults’ turn to feast.

Small Flame
Prawns with grilled dory fillet on a bed of garlic herb rice, chips and veggies.

DSC_1077 DSC_1081

Finish off with this cool and sweet Chocolate Milkshake.


Besides the food, the deco at the Suntec branch is also pretty unique and nice.

DSC_1092 DSC_1096

They have a very stylo box on every table – Unplug Box. This is to encourage diners to place their mobile phones in the box when having their meals. Stay disconnected to be connected. Nice idea!


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