Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup 2014: How to Stay Awake After a Game?

The group round is over! How is everyone coping after 2 weeks (yes, it’s only that long) of World Cup actions? Spain gave us the best reason to continue watching this year’s World Cup, because no team is guaranteed a walkover on the biggest football stage. Either play with passion and lose (Australia) or play like s*** and lose (Spain), the World Cup promises greater excitement as we edge towards the last 16 positions.


Brazil Mexico Netherlands Chile

Colombia Greece Costa Rica Uruguay

France Switzerland Argentina Nigeria

Germany USA Belgium Algeria


Croatia Cameroon Spain Australia

Cote D'Ivoire Japan Italy England

Ecuador Honduras Bosnia-Herzegovina Iran

Portugal Ghana Russia South Korea

How do you keep yourself awake after all the morning hours of watching the games? Here are some tips to stay sane and hopefully keep your job.

Take short walks
If you really think you are dozing off in the office, this is the perfect chance to stand up, and walk to a nearby colleague for a short talk or maybe just go downstairs for a short walk around the compound, relax those tiring muscles and eyes.

 Take a walk (2)

Listen to music
Turn the volume slightly down, this will force your mind to stay active as it focuses on listening closely.

Listen to music (Work)

Munch on healthy snacks
Load up the fruits and veggies for proper nutrition. For best effect, add in BRAND’S ® Essence of Chicken.

 Brand's Essence of Chicken

Do simple exercises
It is scientifically proven that our brain can only concentrate on one thing for not more than 40-45mins. So do some simple stretching or twisting of your body to help improve blood circulation.

 Simple exercises

Use cold water
If all still don’t work, then your last resort is ‘cold treatment’. Splash cold water on your face and I’m quite sure that would momentarily shock you up.

Use cold water

Got any more suggestions on what keeps you awake at work? Comment below!

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