Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Am My Girls

The past one month more has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. After all the dust have settled, I start to think about many things and one of it is my relationship with my children. They are no longer just toddlers, but old enough to feel, to understand and to know. This was confirmed when I saw how Jayne who is only 5 years old, how she cried and grieved when her grandfather passed away. At this age, she already knew the truth and the loss.

One of my motto as a father is to be there whenever my girls need me. I do not want to be an absentee father. Many friends asked why do I have the energy and time to plan so many activities with my children, honestly, I do not know either. I just know I want to create memories with them so that when they grow up, they will remember me as a father who is there for them as much as possible. Father-Daughter relationship is not easy. I cannot participate in their interests like dolling up or dressing up, but I brought them for manicure before, I hope that counts.

Joey is 8 years old now, sometimes I see that emo state of mine in her. She is the thinker. She is the leader.
Dear girl, grow up strong and just know that I will be with you always. When Papa is tired and not giving you enough attention, don’t go away, remind me to love you more. You are not second to anything, you are the first in my life. Kisses!


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Jayne on the other hand is just a bubbly girl. Always so sweet and heart tugging. I cannot imagine a single day without her, cos she will just brighten up my day immediately.
Stay happy always! You will be Papa’s lollipop. And I will be your protector! Stay innocent as long as you can, stay by my side as long as you can. Love you!


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