Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup 2014: What To Look Forward To

As we all know, the world’s largest supported sports, World Cup 2014, is right upon us. As many of my loyal friends or readers would know, my favorite football club is Liverpool FC, but this time round, bigger than the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Brasileirao, Argentine Primera or Bundesliga – I’ll be rooting for Argentina to win!

For the hardcore football fans like me, what are we looking forward to in the coming month?

And what about the non-fans? Are you going to miss the greatest sports? Or you will for once in every 4 years, join in the fun and excitement?

First thing to have for such a big event is the Match Schedule. Our customary act at home is to paste the schedule on the wall just right beside the TV. So that we won’t miss any match at all. We would usually write down our personal predictions by the side to see who is better.


The Players

Fan’s perspective – we look forward to the skills and passion.

Non-fan’s perspective – probably looking for hunks and the well-chiseled body.

The Atmosphere

Fan’s perspective – the more the merrier, which is why certain public venues will be open for like-minded fans to gather and enjoy the excitement together.

Non-fan’s perspective – stay up late to accompany your love ones, but probably end up sleeping on the couch and yet your partner may not realized it.

The Food & Beverages

Fan’s perspective – anything that goes well with a glass of beer will do.

Non-fan’s perspective – since football is not the main attraction here, then more time and afford will be put to prepare the snacks.

Nonetheless, whether you are a fan or not, just prepare something nice and share it with your family and friends. Don’t miss out this year’s WC14. Create memories that will last.

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