Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changi Airport – From Young Till Now

The one place in Singapore we will never get tired of going is the Airport!

When we were younger, when I was “stalking” my wife, she stays in Bedok and me in Woodlands, she worked in the Airport for Delifrance and I went all the way just to sit at a distance away and watched her for hours. I didn’t go over, I didn’t talk to her. Just seeing her was enough. Those were the days… =p

After we started dating, we still went there numerous times to study. Again, I will travel all the way from far far North just to spend the night loitering around the Airport’s halls to study.

Now, Delifrance is no longer serving in the Airport. No longer do we need to go there to study. I mean if we ever need to study, it would definitely be the library or just be at home la.

Back then there were only 2 Terminals, now we have 4 Terminals including Budget Terminal.

Back then, it was just Kless and me, now we are a family of 4.



So Changi Airport holds a lot of nice memories for us. Joey likes the vast area, we like the clean environment. Of course the food is always a delight too.


And my wife is still the beautiful girl always!


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