Friday, January 28, 2011

Eye Twitching

Old wives tale says, if your right eye twitches, there will be something good happening but if your left eye twitches, there will be something bad happening.

My left eye has been twitching for almost a week, what is gloom and doom that is coming??

Called myokymia in doctor lingo, these rippling muscle contractions in an eyelid can be triggered by: Stress, Tiredness, Eyestrain, Caffeine, Alcohol, Dry eyes, Nutritional imbalances or Allergies. This kind of eye twitching can be hard to treat, the only option maybe is to find the cause and deal with it.

A more detailed understanding of eye twitching.

When we are under stress, our body will react in different ways. Eye twitching is one of it, especially when it is related to vision problems such as eye strain. Reducing the cause of the stress level can help make the twitching stop.

A lack of sleep can cause eye twitching. Catch up with your beauty sleep!

Vision-related stress can cause eye twitching. Maybe you need glasses or a change of glasses. Maybe you are spending too much time staring at your laptop. Take a break, look at the greens.

Caffeine or Alcohol
Many experts believe that excessive caffeine or alcohol can trigger eye twitches. What you need to do is cut down on the intake.

Dry Eyes
More than half of the older population experiences dry eyes, due to aging. Dry eyes also occur to those who wears contact lenses. Treatments are available for dry eyes, do seek medical help.


Nutritional Imbalances
Lack of certain nutritional substances like magnesium can trigger eye twitches too. If this is the cause, then seek medical help and buy some nutritional products. Remember it is not advisable to buy off-the-shelf products without fully understanding what is the problem.

People with eye allergies will have itching, swelling and watery eyes. To offset this problem, it is advisable to use eye drops to help the eye twitches.

All I know now is if my eye continues to twitch, I will have to see a doctor. Funnily, whenever my eye twitch I will think of one person.


Isn’t she cute?

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