Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joey Goes To Kindergarten 1

After one week’s delay, Joey finally started her first few days in K1.

First day, no school uniform yet. Joey really looks like a big girl in that denim skirt.


Since the school is in Sembawang, we had to engage a school bus to ferry Joey to and fro from the school. The bus charges are almost the same as the school fees. Faint!

Look at the bus card, never imagine such old fashion card is still in use.


We were so worried that Joey will feel uncomfortable taking the school bus, this was the first time she took a public transport without any of us accompanying her. There were about 10-12 other kids on the bus with a female driver and an Auntie taking care of the kids. Thank God, Joey already started to make friends on the bus and told us she enjoyed talking to the other kids on board. Looks like Joey is a natural friendly person. =)

No photos of the school and lessons, cos the teachers do not want parents to disrupt the classes.

But here is a photo of Joey’s name tag.


And only week 1, she already has homework to do… Chinese class.


She is adapting well and fine, praise the Lord!


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