Monday, January 3, 2011

Life Styles Palette – Wall Decals

In recent years, wall decals are fast rising as the in-thing for homes. Other than having a nicely painted wall, a few well-designed decals will add color and imagination to it. Especially with kids at home, it is definitely a very good way to inspire creativity in them. Least to say, it brightens our lives too =)

A friend of ours started an online business Life Styles Palette that deals with wall decals. She approached Kless and wanted to showcase her designs on our blogs. Of course we agreed! What a chance to explore something new.

The best part is the flexibility to customise our designs, so that it will be unique.

The product is here! Completed with detail instructions on what to do..



If you are experienced in doing this, you can stick it on immediately. But if you are like us, not very confident yet, a mock run will be recommended (use scotch tape first).


Okay, get set, STICK!



Jayne has her own design too =)



Now if you’re also interested to get your own decals, visit  Life Styles Palette today! The costs of the decals differ with size and designs, so check out their designs online to find out more. For any enquiries, you may also email them at

For all my dear readers, I have a free decal to give to you. All you need to do is leave a comment at this post and tell me “What is being creative?”, and you could be the winner of this special wall decal (names can be customised).



  1. Being creative means dare to do something different!

    Jasmine (

  2. Being creative's thinking out of the box!

  3. Being creative is letting your imagination run without any restrictions/boundaries. Being willing to reach for the stars with no qualms whatsoever.