Friday, January 7, 2011

Children’s Room

Currently Jayne sleeps in our room and Joey sleeps with my mother. But we are thinking of shifting to a bigger house, with an extra room so that the 2 girls can have their own room.

Growing up myself, I never had the chance to have my personal room. I think it will be such a fun thing to have your own room and you can decorate it the way you want, buy the furniture you like.

So I asked Joey (no point asking Jayne yet), what does she like to have in her own room.

1. What type of bed would you like to have? Single or Double-decked bed?

2. What colours would you like to have in your room? One colour or multi-colour?

3. Do you want a computer or a TV in your room? Or both?

4. What else do you want in your room?


This is what she wants!


Hello Kitty Stickers


Hello Kitty Puzzles

Spongebob Bathroom


It’s so fun to hear what kids want in their bedroom.
Can some parents reading this give me some other ideas that could be or should be included in a kids’ room?

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