Friday, January 21, 2011

Joey’s Theory

Saturday is Bookworm Day.

Conversation at home before going to library.

Me: Joey, we are going to the library later. Do you want to go?
Joey: Yes! I like to read books!
Me: But if you are not obedient, maybe I won’t bring you along. (trying to get her to eat her breakfast and clean up)
Joey: You won’t do that. You cannot leave me at home. You are a parent and you must bring your children to library.
Me: Why?
Joey: Because no parents will leave their children at home when they go to library. It’s important for children to go library, so that they can read books.
Me: (speechless…)

Conversation at McDonalds before going to library.

Me: Joey, you can eat your chocolate sundae and fries. I’ll share my coke with you, but just a few mouths.
Joey: Why? Is it because children cannot drink a lot of coke?
Me: Ya.
Joey: I know, only when I become a mother in future, I can drink a cup of coke all by myself. Only adults can drink a lot of coke because they never bring water bottle like children. So they have to drink coke.
Me: Hmm… (speechless again….)

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