Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day @ The Playground

Joey woke up with a high fever (38.8 degree). First reaction was to sponge her to keep the temperature down. I had to say after numerous times of handling sudden high fever like this, we are pretty experienced and it didn’t worry us as much as before.

Within an hour, the fever is contained, Joey is once again jumping up and down like nothing happened.

Did her homework after breakfast and immediately she was nagging us to bring her down to the playground. As strong as a bull…

So here we go… See how high she jumps? Who can ever tell she just had a close 39 degree fever?




Jayne was enjoying herself too, she kept calling out to me to join her. I have no idea why, but both my girls speak English with a slight American accent. Is it because of the cartoons on CN?



Just 20mins, both my girls are fully satisfied. And I am happy too =)

PS. all photos taken using my BB9700

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