Thursday, June 9, 2011

Islamic Restaurant (North Bridge Road)

Have you ever tried Biryani? If not, this is the place to go. Hidden by the long row of cars along North Bridge Road, this is a place you will easily miss, if not for the recommendation of good makan kakis.

The first thing that really struck us when we were there was the music. You can never imagine that in a Muslim restaurant, they are actually playing Korean music, Spanish pop and English oldies.

Don’t let a hungry man wait too long…

Fried Chicken Biryani. The rice is dry and you can savour every individual grain cooked in the spices. You may not smell the fragrance of the rice but the fragrance stays in the mouth. Just eating the rice itself is enough for me. Depends on your luck, sometimes the chicken can be quite a big portion but sometimes 2 would only be enough.

Plain Nann. First thing to note, it is hot when served. That alone passed my test for any bread. Definitely not plain in taste, we ordered a 2nd serving after the 1st was devoured within seconds. With the mutton curry which gives a bit of saltiness to the entire eating experience. Even if you are already filled after the biryani, this is not to be missed.

Fried Potato. Not our usual understanding of fried cos we were expecting something like potato wedges. But this is a pleasant surprise. Not too oily but maintains the crunchiness of the potato and yet able to taste the spices and chilli.

Cucumber Cold Dish. Appetizer. Don’t belittle this simple dish. It’s amazingly addictive. It’s so crunchy you can’t stop eating. Sedap!

745 North Bridge Road

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun (10am – 10:30pm)
Friday Closed (1pm – 2pm)

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