Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Simply Sofa Hunt 2011

This event was backed for the 3rd year running, however this is the 1st year Kuan Family took part.

The Simply Sofa Hunt is a family bonding event by Focus on the Family Singapore, as part of MCYS National Family Celebrations 2011. Families are to follow clues and go in search of 5 sofas, take a creative family photo on the sofas and submit their best shot for a chance to win a sofa!

Reached Tiong Bahru Plaza at 3pm and that place was already packed! So excited to see so many families gathered to enjoy an afternoon of fun and friendship. Every family was given a passport to collect our stamps when we complete the stations.


It was a good idea to get the families to take public transport instead of driving to our destinations, I really enjoyed the time with the kids.



First clue is Pinnacle @ Duxton.


Dad’s Dare challenge to win more rewards. My nerd look.



Second clue is the plain garden opp Pearl Centre. 2 girls resting while the parents are busy carrying the barang barang.


Third clue brought us to one of my favourite place – Raffles Place. It’s so rare to see so many people at Raffles Place on a Saturday.


Our sofa photo with the cute pillows.


Will be going back again on another weekend to take more photos with the girls.


Fourth clue is at Blk 17 Tiong Bahru.


Another Dad’s Dare challenge, out of 5 questions asked regarding Joey, I only got 2 correct. She wants to be a mother when she grows up, and her favourite colour is pink.


Last sofa is at Tiong Bahru Park.


This has to be one of the last few playgrounds in Singapore with sand. Definitely bringing the girls back again for a run.


I love my family!!



  1. The family photo taken @ raffles place is really nice!!! Should print it out & frame it! hahahaha...

    The last one, the gals are so shacked alrdy...


  2. ya, we submitted that photo for one of the final competition too, but never win.. judges' eyes got to miss such adorable kids =p

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun, the traveling, the puzzles, and the family-photos :)

  4. Hi father of J babies, we have a nice photo of your entry and would like to send it to you as a token of our appreciation for your blog entry. Could you drop us an email with your mailing address at Hear from you soon! Focus on the Family Singapore