Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Part 1)

We didn’t plan a birthday party for Jayne’s 2nd birthday. Instead we brought her for the first time to the Zoo!

In my opinion, the Zoo has to be the only place in Singapore I can imagine myself spending 4-5 hours and don’t feel bored after it.

A word of advice, do not eat your breakfast at the Zoo. It’s so freaking expensive!! We paid $8.90 for this Nasi Lemak! Nothing special lor!

The Ching family were there too..


A rare chance to catch the photographer who usually takes the photo.

I was quite amazed by Jayne when she was able to name this Ben & Jerry’s mascot. 牛, cow. Clever girl! Here are the ‘cow-girls’. =)



While we are waiting for the girls’ godma, we took a few photos with the figurines outside the Zoo.


We are ready! Tickets in hand, let’s go!!

With 2 kids, we have to be prepared that they will be tired and need to rest. So I would recommend all parents to rent this wagon. $16 for an open wagon or $18 for the sheltered one.

This is me acting cool with sunglasses. But in actual fact, I’m just a ‘wagon-puller’ man.


The girls enjoy anything that is new. A sisters’ moment for them =)


Check back for the next part in our Zoo trip =)

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