Thursday, June 2, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Part 2)

There are so many things to see and so many places to take photos in the Zoo. Definitely the venue for all photographers. Plus the lighting is perfect and the subject is just so unique, only found in the Zoo.



There are guided tours available in the Zoo. But my personal recommendation is to walk around by yourself, especially if you are with kids.

I think this spot nearest to the entrance was once where Ah Meng used to take photos with the visitors. But now it’s the parrots.

White tiger! Definitely my favourite animal in the park. Cos I’m born in the year of the Tiger! She looks so majestic and cool!

Jie Jie, what is in the tank? … 鱼 lor..



I like this photo. The 3 of us were looking down trying to locate the crocodile but no luck.

Don’t you think Joey has really grown to be a big girl now? I think she is quite photogenic and poses well too =)

One thing I like about the girls, they like to work. Since young, we will teach them to keep their toys after playing, take the plates to the kitchen after snacks, etc. Proof of Jayne’s helpfulness.



J: Bird.
Me:No Jayne, it’s Ostrich.
J: Ooh… Bird.
Me: Ya, bird…

Joey and Jayne took turns to be the driver and passenger. Can you see Jayne?

Doesn’t this looked like 花果山 in 西游记? Where is 孙悟空?

I think this might be the only elephant alive who can draw so nicely. Really kudos to the keepers who trained them.

It’s a long day… it’s a long post… final episode in tomorrow’s post…

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