Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Papa Bought A New Camera

After 2 years of waiting, I finally put my money where the heart is. I bought my first DSLR camera – Nikon D90.

Since it was first launched in year 2008, I had set my eyes on getting one. Tried it numerous times at different shops and PC shows.

Buying a DSLR has been on my dream list since my youth days and that was some time ago. Along in the list were things like a Honda sedan, Sony Vaio, PSP, etc.. I have bought most of the things now, it’s time for a new list maybe =)

Here are the first shots from my D90. Can’t wait to go outdoors for some photo-taking sessions with Peter (Sony) & Gerald (Canon).

My sweetest darlings! Always ready for daddy to take some shots.



Thinking of starting a photo blog. I am living my dream now =)


  1. How come your sweetest darlings don't have ME??! Why? Why? Why???

  2. are my angel mah..not in the same category de.. =)

  3. Daddy Mummy talk? Anyway, have fun with your camera :)

  4. hahaa...sometimes it's fun to talk online..a bit boliao la... =)