Friday, June 10, 2011

When Mommy Is Away On A Trip

What would you do when Mommy is away on a trip? This applies to those who are like me, without maids. And you have 2 super active girls. Well, probably none of you are like me…

Fact – taking care of 2 girls is not that tough. It is a nightmare!

So here are my tips to make the the kids forget about Mommy at least for a while.

1. Let them know Mommy is not around
Embrace the fact that your better half is not going to be around when the kids need their bath or when they need to be cleaned of their poo. Be confident! Let the kids know straight from the start, Daddy can do it just like Mommy. Set down rules, draw out the plans, main thing, ensure the kids Papa is in-charge, no worries.

2. Market yourself, Daddy is fun!
Kids used to associate fathers as the disciplinary figure. So an entire day with their father may not be their kind of fun. Change that! Sell yourself! Market your value. Think of things to do with your kids that normally they don’t get to do with Mommy around. For example, eating with your hands or better still, eating on the floor. Of course before you can do that, please make sure that all hygiene requirements have been cleared. Simply make it fun, so much so the kids would look forward to the next opportunity with you alone.

3. Daddy wants what you want too
When all is done, it’s important to let the kids know you missed Mommy too. It’s amazing how a simple thing like this can bond father and child.


I love to be with my girls. They are super adorable and fun. Minus the moments when they can be too active for my old bones, I am just so blessed to see them grow up day by day and be happy.

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