Monday, June 6, 2011

Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Party

Thanks to Coca-Cola, Kless and I were invited for the 125th Birthday Party held at Nomu @ Handy Road.

We were suppose to be dressed in Coke Red but only Kless managed to find something that fits the theme. I had to put on a bright red tie to match her. At least I got some red on me =)

The event hall was nicely done, with enough space for the guests to mingle around and also interesting Coke artefacts brought in from Atlanta, Georgia.


Check out this beach wear! Uber cool! I wish they still produces this.

The development of the Coca-Cola bottle, from a straight side bottle (left) to the now famous contour bottle (right).

A special 1978 Coca-Cola bottle. This was the year Kless was born. Good year!

Sample crowns in Japanese. It actually reminds me of one of my childhood games, ‘ka-shing’. We used such bottle crowns to hold the sting. You will understand what I mean if you are my age..

This can is used back then to contain the Coke syrup to be transported to the factories to produce the Coca-Cola drink. Wonder they still do it this way? Preservation of heritage?

What makes a good event is not only the things but also the food and the service. The finger food served were delicious, sorry we were too busy tasting everything, just a few photos to wet your appetite.

Prawn with munchy cucumbers

Some fish thing (you know how much I dislike fish).. But Kless says it’s very good..

Even the serving tray is so USA.

Of course in such an event, how could there be a lack of COCA-COLA!! I have to confess, I had at least 3 bottles of coke in less than an hour =p

Proofs of our love for Coca-Cola.

Goodies for everyone who attended the event, includes a limited stamp set to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Coca-Cola.

A unique gift box with 2 bottles of Coca-Cola.

And a photo for us to remember this event. Nice couple eh..

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