Monday, June 13, 2011

Daddy needs Superpowers!

If you have been a father for a few years, you will definitely know that we have SUPERPOWERS!

Becoming a father is one of the most fulfilling stages in a man’s life, and quite possibly the most challenging one too. Part of the reason why is because we don’t have all the information, no one fills us in on what to expect and how to handle being a Dad.

One thing that we need in fatherhood is to develop superpowers. We are expected to save the ‘world’ (at least that is what my girls think), we are expected to know all, we are expected to do all.

Here are a list of superpowers I think a Dad will need:

1. Superhuman Strength
”The man of steel”. You will find yourself carrying a diaper bag, multiple bags of groceries, a few toys, a sleeping baby, and still have an arm free to close the car door. Better start practicing for the new Daddies.

2. Power Beam
The ability to just give a look and the kids will be quiet. So important, especially when you are in a posh restaurant or somewhere very quiet.

3. Mind Reading
Can you tell if your wife really doesn’t mind that you are leaving her at home with the kids while you hang out with your buddies? When your kid says she doesn’t need to pee and instantly there is a puddle on the floor? This could be one of the most indispensable power you will need.

4. Speed of Light
Imagine you are clearing the toys on the floor and out of the corner of your eyes, you can see your 2 years old girl climbing out of her high chair. No amount of shuttle-run practices can prepare you for this. And it happens almost everyday.

5. Accelerated Healing
You just came home from an intense ball game and your back is hurting from a knock earlier. Your 5 year old girl came running from her room and wants you to piggyback her. This is the moment you need that smarting back to be well again instantly.

6. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
This is the skill to create clones. This is the most useful superpower if possible. With the ability to clone, you can be there for the kids and wife. And time to play football =)

Great power comes great responsibilities! I say with great responsibilities (kids), Daddies need GREAT power!


  1. Not sure whether I need super-power, but u are definitely a Comic nut haha :) (Andy go digging for his batman-capers to swoon the kids haha)

  2. haha...we all have our childhood favourite character is actually spiderman, but can't find a suitable superpower to use..btw, saw some of your taiwan photos, very nice! so want to go over now.. =)