Monday, June 20, 2011

Crizal – Live Life In The Clear

As a ‘four-eye’ guy since young, the problem I have always encountered is having thumbprint smudges that will blur my vision. Or scratches which means another new pair of specs.

It’s “Hallelujah” when Crizal lenses were introduced to me. After wearing specs for almost 30 years, I don’t think I am qualified to be Optometrist, but at least I know the importance of having a right and good pair of specs.

Is this familiar?
Sales: hi, are you looking for a pair of specs?
You: yes, what are the latest frame designs?

It’s typical for us to walk into an optical shop and focus on the frames more than the lenses. Just like a DSLR camera (and I recently just bought one), photographers hardly spend a lot of money on camera body, but they spend thousands on different lenses. Cos lenses are how we will view the things around us.

Crizal lenses ensure perfect clear vision by attacking its eyeglasses 5 worst enemies:

Glare (no reflections)
Crizal lenses eliminate reflections and ‘ghost’ images caused by artificial light especially in the night or when working on the computer

No reflections


Crizal lenses’ in-built smudge-repellent eliminates the occurrence of oily smudges or dirty spots

No Smudges


Crizal lenses provide unrivalled scratch resistance which is ideal for children as well as wearers who engage in active lifestyles

No Scratches


Crizal lenses have anti-static properties that help to keep dust and grit particles at bay

No Dust


Water Drops
Crizal lenses also feature hydrophopic or water-repellent properties that prevent water from lingering and spreading across the lenses

No Water


Last week, Kless and I went to Integrated Eye Centre (IEC) to prescribe our first pair of Crizal lenses courtesy of Essilor. Having wore specs for almost all my life (since 6-year-old), the prescription procedure is nothing new to me. But I will consider going back to IEC because of the super-friendly & professional staff.

Can I have the red lenses? Match my jacket.

Me with my old specs


Me in my new specs, cool?

Choosing the right frame. Green? I think I look like a sleepy nerd!

This frame is actually very cool, but not very comfy.

Both of these are not the frame I chose in the end. To know what I have selected, watch out on this website again..I will be wearing my new specs out for a day of fun and test out the 5 qualities of Crizal lenses.

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