Friday, June 3, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Part 3)

What is a zoo trip without some animal photos?

Gigantic Tortoise. I’m sure if Jayne is in the pit, she can still outrun him.

Komodo Dragon. Fancy having such a big lizard on your wall? I pity the flies.

Smelly Piggy. I will never believe anyone who will say that pigs are animal that like cleanliness. Rubbish!

Red Butt Monkey. I wonder how does he feels every time we point at his butt and laughs…

Penguin. I had a hard time explaining to Jayne why a ‘bird’ is swimming or why a ‘fish’ has wings..just one of those moments as adults I feel stupid..

I think the idea of having a water playground in the zoo is FANTASTIC! Thanks to whoever has planned this. After a long walk in the sun, the sight of water jets, water slides and pools are just so inviting.

Joey and Jayne wasted no time getting into their gears and were in the water in record time.


Standing in a pool, with the sun shining on your face, relaxing!

After the break, it’s one last stop at the goats’ pit before going home. The girls were just picking up leaves from the floor and fed the goats.


This goat seems to be more interested in Peter’s camera than the straw.

Something to bring home for the birthday girl..bear bear bag from the gang. She looks so cute with the bag =)

Happy Birthday Baby Jayne! Papa had a great time with you in the Zoo. Love you!!
(don’t know why both our mouths are opened so wide??)


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